September Newsletter

Fat Is Your Friend

One of the biggest health care hoaxes perpetrated during the last decade or so is the notion that “fat is bad.” If you want to enjoy your highest health potential, you need to know the truth about this common (and incorrect) belief about fat.

Fat is not your enemy.

Fat is essential if you want your body to look and feel younger and equip your nervous system to function at its best. Healthy fats supply good cholesterol, which is critical for the production of hormones that enhance youthful qualities. If you’ve chosen to adopt a low-fat diet, you’re depriving your body of the nutrients it needs to slow aging and to function optimally.

Granted, low-fat alternatives abound on grocery store shelves. To get away with low-fat (low-taste) products, manufacturers rely on amping up the sugar to deliver the taste people want. The result? Weight gain.

Bottom line? Fat doesn’t automatically make you fat. At least, “good” fat doesn’t.

The Critical Cervical Curve

From the back, your spine should be in alignment. A sideways curve is called scoliosis and can produce nerve interference, affecting organs and tissues controlled and regulated by the nerves emerging from the spinal column in that area.

But from the side we want to see four curves. Because the nerves passing through the neck influence the entire body, the spinal curve in the neck is especially important. Besides having uncompromised nerve flow to and from the body, the normal, graceful forward curve is essential so you can turn to the right and left to look over your shoulder.

If you know someone who is far too dependent upon their rear view mirrors (or their car’s back up camera), or who tends to turn their upper body to look at you, encourage them to give us a call.

A thorough examination can determine if they’ve lost their cervical curve and whether they’re a good candidate for chiropractic care.

Nodding Off

Sufficient sleep is as essential for optimum health and performance as diet, exercise and an interference-free nervous system.

Are you getting enough? Most of us don’t.

Calming an over-stimulated nervous system with regular chiropractic has helped many patients enjoy better sleep. Other things you might consider include:

Sufficient exercise – If you tend to sit for most of the day, get moving. Even an after-dinner stroll around the neighborhood can have beneficial effects at bedtime.

Sleep in a darkened room – Remove or subdue the nightlights, illuminated clock dials, and digital devices that can create light pollution. These lights can confuse our brains and interfere with our sleep cycle.

Reduce snoring – Snoring can indicate the possibility of apnea, in which we repeatedly wake up gasping for air. This can create an unhelpful “fight or flight” response affecting the depth of our sleep, blood pressure and other health metrics.

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